DRAGON BALL Z SCultures Big Budoukai 7 vol.5 Figure Collection - Bulma

Item #26237 30.00 SRP
US Release Date September 2017

Continuing with the collection of the 7th SCultures Big Budoukai figure design competition held by Banpresto, the Bandai Import Collection presents Bulma in a style from one of her very first appearances in the Dragon Ball franchise! Sculpted by veteran SCultures competitor, Kai TK, Bulma’s design was inspired by his idea to have one of the very first images of the Dragon Ball series as a part this year’s figure competition. With her Dragon Ball radar in hand, our fearless adventurer searches onward for a new journey! Measuring 6.3 inches from head to toe, this figure will be a hot number to catch for all Dragon Ball figure collectors. Minor assembly is required.